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We install and maintain fire alarm systems for all types of commercial buildings, ensuring systems are installed in accordance with all fire regulations for your full protection. We can help you decide on the right system for you, using our many years of electrical systems knowledge to provide the detailed specification you need.



Fire alarms are an integral part of any property safety system, ensuring that everyone in the building will be informed about a fire in good time.

The sad fact is, people still suffer severe injuries and even die in fires in the UK – and it can be prevented.

The stats in 2017/18:

If you know that your fire alarm system needs some attention in order to meet the required standards, please get in touch. We can offer you all the help and advice you need to bring your fire alarm system up to date. Call us on 01322 630 774, email or contact us using the form below.


Providing fire alarm systems for listed buildings requires a specialist set of skills. Our team has those skills. We have spent many years installing fire alarms in commercial properties across London, many of which are listed. We know exactly how to work within a listed building and will take all aspects of its listed status into consideration when we are completing any kind of work. If you want your fire alarm system to have minimum impact upon your property, we can discuss wireless options with you which won’t need to be wired in.


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We can install various types of fire alarm systems, including:

  • Addressable
    All fire alarms and detectors will be connected to one central system, giving them their own addresses. If an alarm is set off, its exact location will be shown on the main control panel. This makes it easy to see where the device is that has been activated, pointing you in the direction of any potential fire hazards and allowing you to distinguish actual fires quickly. The alarms will be wired in for additional reliability.
  • Wireless
    Despite being in existence since the 1980s, this type of fire alarm technology has really come into its own since Wi-Fi has become widely available. The components can be easily linked together, giving your system more versatility. It is also useful in listed buildings, where you might not want to hardwire in a fire alarm system. The detectors will run on batteries, so regular testing is essential for these types of alarms.

We can also link your fire alarms up with a wider fire safety system, like fire extinguishers and smoke vents. There are various features we can incorporate, including manual call points, smoke and heat detectors, input and output, sounder bases, sounder beacons and advanced fire alarm panels.


We will also be happy to offer you fire alarm systems maintenance, either when you need it or as part of a maintenance contract. Our team can provide thorough fire alarm testing, then complete any maintenance that might be required afterwards. Think of it as being like an MOT. We will ensure we leave you with a fully functioning fire alarm system that is ready to do its job and keep you well protected.

If you have a fire alarm emergency, let us know. We are on hand to respond to emergency callouts and get the issue sorted for you.



We can look after your fire alarm system, along with the other electrical systems in your building. Many of our clients take up full packages with us, including:


Emergency lighting

We install, maintain and service all emergency lighting.


Access control

Using key fobs, entry cards and audio systems, we make your building more secure.



We install CCTV in your commercial property and help you maintain it as well.



From ongoing contracts to small handyman tasks, we are here to help.


Inspections and testing

Electrical Installation Condition Reports and PAT testing for landlords and businesses.