We are fully covered to carry out electrical work, in terms of our qualifications and our insurance. You can rest assured that when you choose us, you are choosing electricians who do what is best for you and your property.


We are accredited by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), and we are regularly reassessed under their terms to remain as approved contractors. This is just the kind of reassurance our valued clients need, which is why we rigorously stick to the standards set out by the NICEIC.

We are covered under all NICEIC categories, which are:

  • 01 Electrical Installations Associated with Central Heating Systems
  • 02 Installation of Protection against Voltage and Electromagnetic Disturbances
  • 03 Domestic Extractor Fan Installations
  • 04 Electric Shower Installations
  • 05 Domestic Water Heaters
  • 06 Caravan Wiring
  • 07 Installations Associated with Electrical Hygiene Equipment
  • 08 Minor Works in Licensed Premises
  • 09 Installations Associated with Coal Stokers
  • 10 Installation of Instrumentation, Control Panels and Wiring to Associated Equipment
  • 11 Installations Associated with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HEVAC)
  • 12 Installations Related to Refrigeration Plant
  • 14 Installation of Electric Generators
  • 15 Installation of Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • 16 Installation of Illuminated Signs
  • 18 Installations Associated with Laundry Equipment
  • 19 Fire Detection and Alarm Installations
  • 20 Emergency Lighting Installations
  • 22 Low Voltage Cable Systems
  • 23 Street and Exterior Lighting Systems
  • 24 Installations for Quarrying, Aggregate Processing and Similar Activities
  • 25 Stage Lighting and Similar Installations
  • 26 Wiring of Prefabricated and Transportable Modular Buildings
  • 27 Security Systems
  • 28 Initial Verification and/or Periodic Inspection of Electrical Installation Work
  • 29 Electrical Installations Associated with Pumping Equipment
  • 30 Electrical Installations Associated with Telecommunications Systems
  • 31 Electric Heater Installations
  • 32 Installations Related to Industrial and Commercial Catering Equipment
  • 33 Call Systems
  • 34 Maintenance of Electrical Installations
  • 35 Electrical Installations Related to Lifts
  • 36 Data Communications and Associated Power Supplies
  • 37 Installations Associated with Energy Management Systems
  • 38 Shop-fitting Installations
  • 39 Cathodic Protection Systems
  • 40 Installations Associated with Exhibitions


We have £10 million public liability insurance to protect you when we are working on site. We are fully insured to work on domestic and commercial properties – for any other insurance details you need to know, please just get in touch.